The name Jooga Sirali comes from all three instructors's last names: Suvi Sinkkonen, Ulla Rantapiha and Kaisa Liukko. The love for nature and its cycles unites us. Here at Sirali the yoga also follows the rhythm of nature's seasons and its changes. 

The plan to open a yoga studio started in early 2020. It took us many challenges to find just the right place, the one to call "our studio" but everything that we did towards getting our studio was worth it. Because of all the hardships, our dream of the studio became even bigger, we gained more courage and now Lappeenranta has a spacious, wonderfully light yoga studio right in the middle of the town.

The full studio is 170 square meters including: one spacious dressing room, two therapy rooms, kitchen area and a spacious yoga class area.


Suvi's yoga journey started about 5 years ago (written in 2020) when she was searching for a balance between work and relaxation, at that moment she stumbled upon yoga. Suvi still remembers how her first yoga class expectations were pretty low but after the first yoga class was over, something changed in her. Yoga had made its first impression and an positive one at that. From Hatha yoga to Ashtanga yoga to pondering about teaching yoga herself, she found herself graduating as seasonal yoga instructor in 2018. In 2020 she also completed Yin & Feminine Yin-training. NLP-practitioner training (also in 2020) has also brought some different perspectives to her own mind. 

The fusion of the mind and body and also the meaning of breathing in yoga exercises fascinates Suvi. On the mat, you are able to focus only on yourself and have a permission to forget anything else. Also, don't try too hard. Everyone has their own way of doing the exercises and the most important thing is to listen to your own body. 

Nature's changing seasons and its cycle, Chinese medicine and the five element-theory fused with yoga, enable a broader way of thinking.

Suvi also offers reiki treatments and intuitive energy treatments. Drums can be combined to both of these treatments or make the exercise more of a drum-based sound journey. 

Suvi is a mother of four children from Lappeenranta. She has a degree in social services and has also worked doing different kinds of work at children welfare facilities. At this moment, she works full-time here at Jooga Sirali. 


For Ulla, yoga is a journey to oneself and the silence deep within oneself. It's an meditative experience where ones body, mind and breathing unite through being present in the moment.

"When you change your attention to your own body, your breathing, your own senses, in that moment, there can be felt the quietness and relaxation which are beating with life." Donna Farhi 

Ulla hopes that yoga will bring peacefulness, quietness, gentleness into everyone's lives.

Ulla has graduated from Yoga school Shanti as a Hatha yoga teacher in 2017, and from Clare Gates-Sjöblom's Chitherapeutics studies as a yin yoga teacher in 2020. And she is still planning on studying more. 

From the yoga exercises Ulla hopes that everyone will find peacefulness and relaxation, quietness, gentleness, balance and ability to being in the present moment. Including all these in their daily lives and not just on the yoga mat.

Being in the nature all around the year is natural and also a dear hobby (beside yoga) for Ulla. And that is why yin yoga following the nature's seasonal changes seemed like just the right thing for her.

From the shores of Pielinen, Northern Karjala, she has moved to shores of Saimaa. Ulla is a bachelor of social services and has worked a long career as a pre-school teacher.


Kaisa loves Finnish nature, everything beautiful and finding one's own creativity and growth. For Kaisa, yoga has been a one step in a long journey where all the different kinds of methods and approaches have brought out different kind of assets and changes to her own well-being. The best showers of direction have been all the difficulties in life, such as health problems with the intestine. Yoga is the best method for challenges when the answer can be found by listening to your own body. 

Kaisa instructs hatha yoga in her own personal way, where in addition to getting the body going the imagination will also start going. Physical exercises are fused together with visualization exercises where the yogi is lead towards appreciating oneself. 

Kaisa has graduated as NLP Master Practitioner in 2018 and also as a Hatha yoga teacher from yoga school Shanti in 2019. Creativity and art are important to Kaisa, and once every month she can also be found at a local art gallery (Galleria Pihatto), instructing her art yoga. Many of the paintings in Sirali are made by Kaisa and sometimes Kaisa instructs creativity inspiring Mandala workshops. As her day job, Kaisa works as a teacher in Skinnarila campus and you might see her there too. 

You can reserve private wellness-coaching classes from Kaisa. NLP studies and over 10-year-experience on the teaching field has brought kindness and knowledge in meeting and coaching people. 

Suvi and Ulla's photos taken by Riitta Mälkiä
Kaisa's photo taken by Ulla Rantapiha

Namaste - The light in me welcomes the light in you