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Mind wellness (NLP) 1,5 h  59 €

Mind wellness exercises can be started by modifying the mind's structure by, for example, performing resource experiments, acknowledging&changing beliefs, letting go-experiments or by making objectives. 

NLP treatments are made so that one from the trio (mind-body-subconscious) is allowed to change, making slowly the other two to change as well. Every change happens by allowing and accepting. Changes can't be forced.

The services below are on hold at the moment

On hold: Energy treatment 75min 70 €


This treatment includes the treatment of chakras, acupuncture points and meridians. The treatment is intuitive and unique for everyone. Energy treatment is a cleansing and opening treatment where the energy flows more openly inside the body.  The treatment also includes energy from stones and message reading from cards. 

Drumming can be included during the treatment in which the vibrations from the drum can nurture stress, open blocks inside the body or open up tension. Drum sounds move the fluid inside the body, cleansing and organizing it again. Drum can be played either closer or farther way from the client.

Before the treatment we can talk a moment about your personal situation, read messages from cards and intuitively choose the healing stones. The treatment happens laying on the treatment table. Relaxing in the quietness, taking in gently the treatment.

The moment of sharing happens after the treatment.

On hold: Sound relaxation 1h 50 €/80€

During sound relaxation, sound bowls are played on the client and beside the client. The sound vibrations massage the body from inside, relaxing and soothing the mind and body. 

The relaxation can be done to couples, mum and daughter's or friends. Sound relaxation for one person is 50€ and for two persons the full price is 80€.

On hold: Reiki treatment 1 h 50 €

Reiki comes from the words Rei=universal & Ki=life energy. Give yourself a moment to relax and take in this wonderful treatment. 

During reiki treatment I will be balancing the seven energy centers (chakras) in body through my hands. Reiki energy cleanses blocks in chakras and helps the energy to flow more naturally in the body. This increases internal energy and well-being. 

Reiki treatment is relaxing, gentle, nurturing and balancing experience, in which you can take in the treatment on your own relaxed pace.

Every treatment is different and unique just like every person.