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No need to take your own yoga equipment with you, our studio has yoga mats, bolsters, yoga bricks, pillows etc. to use during yoga classes.

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Yin yoga

Gentle, slow-paced, deeply opening and meditative Yin yoga which opens the body and nurtures the mind. 

Slow Asanas and breathing exercises make it possible for the nervous system to relax...and be present in the moment. 

Yin yoga is based on Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy. The exercises are build following the five element theory, also taking notice on the changing seasons and the cycle of nature. 

Sound bath (Sointukylpy)

In this exercise you are able to relax under a warm blanket for an hour, while the relaxing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls surround you. 

Just be.

Sound-Yin (Sountu-Yin)

Sound-Yin classes are gentle, slow-paced, deep and meditative yin classes fused with Tibetan singing bowls relaxing sounds. 

Men's yoga (Miesten jooga)

This exercise is for men only, no women allowed :) 

You don't have to know anything about yoga, the purpose of this class is to introduce you to yoga. This exercise is gentle and body-opening. 

The exercises may vary: sometimes more movement-based yoga and sometimes yin yoga where the asanas are longer and movement is reduced. In both of these exercises, there can be a chance of using different yoga equipment like: yoga bricks, bolsters, pillows etc. Everything that is needed during the yoga class can also be found at Sirali, so no need to take any equipment with You!

Welcome to our yoga classes!

Men are also welcome to join any other yoga classes that Jooga Sirali is offering at the present moment. 

Feminine Yin

Feminine yin is a yoga class intended for women. Different asanas nurture and open the body, for example at hip and chest areas. They also have an effect on immune system, hormonal activity and metabolism.

During this exercise the instructor will also walk around and press the clients' acupuncture points which are the most beneficial for this exercise. The asanas are slow-paced, so that everyone can have their acupuncture points pressed. 

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a gentle type of yoga which is suitable for everyone. This exercise nurtures the body by using different movements and breathing. Hatha yoga is a safe alternative even if you are having problems with your back or your joints. We usually make movements which nurture the back and joints, helping with the pain and discomfort that you might have had in these areas.

During the deepening of this exercise the breathing and movement will find their own natural rhythm, making it easier for you to be able to listen to your body's messages. 

 Strengthening flow (Vahvistava flow)

Gently strengthening yoga exercise which strengthens and increases controlling of the body and balance. 

Breathing with movements, energizing the mind and body. 

This exercise offers a chance to try something little more dynamic, which allows you to strengthen your body.  

Seasonal yoga 

Seasonal yoga, as its name suggests, is a yoga exercise which follows the flow of seasons, and breathing is fused together with asanas in a natural way. 

In this yoga exercise, the changing seasons and their energy, and also the energy flowing in the body (so called meridians) are opened with yoga. Every season has its own organ pair. With this yoga, we are concentrating on nurturing and cleansing the seasonal pair. 

Depending on the season, the yoga can be either more gentle or more dynamic or something in between. We do the same yoga exercise sets for few weeks at a time following the seasons changes.

Warming up exercises often include qigong moves in them. 

Men's Yin (Miesten Yin)

With Yin yoga we will be opening the body in more deeply and gentle way. Asanas will be longer, opening the body gently, step by step by removing tension and relaxing the body and also the mind.

 This yoga class suits anyone. No yoga experience needed.

 Growth yoga (Kasvujooga)

Growth yoga instructed by Kaisa. Every growth yoga class has its own theme and besides the hatha yoga exercise, we will be making writing or visualization exercises based on the theme.

This exercise is great if you want new perspectives to your life and some steps forward in your own path. 

Take your notebook with you to this class. 

Sukella tauluun -Art yoga

Once every month, Kaisa instructs Art yoga at Galleria Pihatto. The booking for this class can be done using Sirali's booking system. 

In the unique environment of Galleria Pihatto, art works as a port to imagination world. Sukella tauluun-yoga is experimental yoga which fuses together hatha yoga, visualization exercises and art experience. 

Physical exercises are chosen around the theme of the art work.

All the exercises are done in a body-respecting way and everyone doing them their own way. You don't need to have any experience on yoga before to join art yoga. 

Take with you: yoga mat, water bottle and some warm clothes for the relaxation exercise done at the end.

Step into the painting and come experience a journey inside yourself. What kind of resources can you find in colours, shapes and themes? You don't know until you start this journey. 

Schedule can be found on Facebook @sukellatauluuntaidejooga
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Photos: Riitta Mälkiä

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